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Lower Bangs Canyon

Veteran’s Day | Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Since I had Veteran’s Day off from work but Diane still had to go to work and school, I contacted Marty over the weekend to see if he was up for some hiking. He was, so we planned to stay close to home and explore the lower reaches of Bangs Canyon just outside of Grand Junction this morning. After a night of rain and snow we knew it was going to be a wet hike. I met Marty at the trailhead just outside of Whitewater along East Creek at the mouth of Unaweep Canyon about an hour after sunrise.

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Billings Canyon

MoabCO Trip 2006
Sunday, April 30, 2006

After running 21 Road the day before, Wally and I headed up to an even tougher trail called Billings Canyon which is located in the Bangs Canyon area. This trail started out mild, but got very tough once you reached the upper section. It was a good time, and I only had to winch up the final waterfall. The only carnage I had was a busted JKS control arm (this is the 2nd one I’ve broken now) and I added a little bend to my tie rod. I took quite a few photos throughout the day…

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