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Bag Night Challenge: 2023

For a couple of years I have been keeping track of all my ‘bag nights’ and then posting the total at the end of the year on my microBLOG. A few years ago I decided to try changing things up by keeping a running total throughout the year posted on this page and I think it worked out pretty well, so I’m going to continue doing it.

If you are interested in checking out my previous year totals, you can find those below:

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This friendly competition of keeping track of ‘bag nights’ started a number of years back on the forum at Backcountry Post, and I follow the very simple ground rules that were set up over there:

There are no official rules, but a bag night here is typically defined by a night out camping in some form. It doesn’t matter if you sleep on a tarp, in a tent, or in the back of your vehicle. It’s more of an attitude thing. If you are outside to enjoy nature, if it’s camping, then it’s a bag night.


Total Bag Nights: 18

January 6 – 8 | Indian Creek | 2 Nights
January 12 – 15 | Pahranagat Valley | 3 Nights
January 28 – 29 | Painted Desert Ranger Cabin | 1 Night
Jan 30 – Feb 1 | Bonita Canyon Campground | 2 Nights
February 1 – 3 | Gilbert Ray Campground | 2 Nights
February 24 – 26 | Butler Wash | 2 Nights
March 4 – 5 | Swett Creek | 1 Night
March 15 – 20 | Canyons of Navajo Mountain | 5 Nights




  1. Robert W Burton
    Robert W Burton January 11, 2023

    Randy I certainly do enjoy your amazing trips and the wonderful photography. I absolutely enjoy Utah and have already been to many of the places you have shown.

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