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Rough Canyon Petroglyphs

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Rough Canyon Formations
Sandstone formations near the beginning of the trail into Rough Canyon.

After spending all day Saturday near Moab with Marty I stayed home for much of the day on Sunday, but Diane and I did head out in the afternoon for a local hike into Rough Canyon. We had hoped to start hiking down the canyon from the Bangs Canyon Trailhead and go at least a few miles before turning around and returning the same way, but after about a mile we reached a section of the trail that was sketchy because of ice and decided to turn around there. Then we thought about going to the Mica Mine instead, but the trail was full of loud and obnoxious people, so we decided just to call it a day and head back home instead. Remind me never to come back here on a weekend…now I remember why it’s been a long time since I last visited this area! At least we got to visit a small petroglyph panel in the canyon while we were there.

A section of the trail that bypasses a small dryfall along the canyon wall.

Rough Canyon Trail

A few of the better petroglyphs we stopped to see while we were in the canyon.

Rough Canyon Petroglyphs


Diane spotted this one that was hidden on the side of a boulder nearby.

Side Boulder Petroglyph

I remember visiting these petroglyphs many years ago after work during the summer, but I guess I never posted a trip report or photos of them on the blog before? I do recall there was a lot of graffiti at that time, but it definitely seems to be much worse now, especially since a lot of the dates were from 2016…

Looking up at a bend in the canyon.

Canyon Corner

Diane in a shaded part of the canyon where we turned around.

Diane In Rough Canyon

Interesting erosion in an alcove.

Alcove Designs


>> Rough Canyon Petroglyphs Photo Gallery


  1. Seth Garvis
    Seth Garvis February 9, 2017

    wow, you really seem to dislike people. it seems like every one of your posts mentions how great it was to not see a single other human

    • Randy Langstraat
      Randy Langstraat February 10, 2017

      While it’s certainly true that most people who know me wouldn’t call me a ‘people person,’ one of my goals when going out exploring/hiking is to try and get away from people, which is probably why I mention it on this blog.

  2. Tom
    Tom March 22, 2017

    Seth might want to read “Desert Solitaire” by Edward Abbey

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