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Utah GPS Tracks

The following GPS files are divided up by geographical region and provided in both GPX and KML (Google Earth) formats within a zip file. I do not post any tracks that I have not personally driven and recorded so that I can be sure they are as accurate as possible. If there is more detailed information about a trail, the name of the trail will be a link to the proper page.

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Abajo Mountains & Elk Ridge

Trail / Road Name & Trip Report GPS Files
Blanding Cutoff (Big Canyon)
Blue Mountains Road
Butts Point
Cottonwood Wash Trail
Dry Wash
Found Mesa Road (Cheesebox Road)
Maverick Point (Bears Ears Pass)
Milk Ranch Point (Little Baullie Mesa)
Nizhoni Road
North Long Point Trail (Dark Canyon Plateau)
South Elk Ridge
Steamboat Point
Woodenshoe Road


Bear Lake

Trail / Road Name & Trip Report GPS Files
Ephraims Grave
Hardware Ranch Road
Idaho Loop
Peter Sinks Trail
Strawberry Valley
Temple Canyon


Book Cliffs & Tavaputs Plateau

Trail / Road Name & Trip Report GPS Files
Bad Lands Cliffs (Wrinkle Road)
Book Cliffs Loop (Book Cliffs Ridge)
Death Valley
Dragon Canyon
Dragon Ghost Town Trail (Atchee Ridge)
Evacuation Creek
Floy Wash
Franks Canyon
Hells Hole Canyon
Nine Mile Canyon
Rainbow – Watson Road
Sagers Canyon
Sand Wash
Sego Canyon
Thompson Pass
Three Mile Canyon
Windy Mesa Road


Cedar Mesa & Comb Ridge

Trail / Road Name & Trip Report GPS Files
Arch Canyon
Arch Canyon Rim (Texas Flat)
Butler Wash
Cheese and Raisins
Cigarette Springs Road
Comb Ridge Cut (Old Highway)
Comb Wash
Decker Road
Hobbs Wash
Hotel Rock
Lower Mule Canyon
North Comb Wash (Comb Wash Cave)
Poseys Trail
Sand Island Road (Sand Island Petroglyphs)
Seven Towers (Cave Towers)
Snow Flat Road
South Comb Wash


Glen Canyon NRA & Lake Powell

Trail / Road Name & Trip Report GPS Files
Alstrom Point
Blue Notch Canyon
East Fork of Lake Canyon
Grand Bench Road
Hole-in-the-Rock Trail
Lake Canyon (Original HITR 4×4 Trail)
Lake Canyon Overlook (Original HITR 4×4 Trail)
Nokai Dome Cutoff
Red Canyon
The Rincon *


Grand Gulch Area

Trail / Road Name & Trip Report GPS Files
Clay Hills Crossing Road
Dripping Spring
Johns Canyon
Johns Canyon Overlook (Point Overlook)
Muley Point
Upper Johns Canyon


Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument

Trail / Road Name & Trip Report GPS Files
Brigham Plains Road
Burr Trail
Cedar Wash Road
Chimney Rock
Cottonwood Canyon Road
Coyote Creek
Coyote Valley Road
Fortymile Ridge
Hole-in-the-Rock Road
Kitchen Corral Wash
Left Hand Collet
Nipple Creek
Paria Breaks Road
Paria River Valley
Red Well
Skutumpah Road
Smoky Hollow Trail
Smoky Mountain Road (Kaiparowits Plateau)
Sooner Slide
Tibbet Canyon
Willow Gulch
Wolverine Loop (Death Hollow)


Henry Mountains & Capitol Reef

Trail / Road Name & Trip Report GPS Files
Bartons Peak
Big Thompson Mesa (Halls Creek Overlook)
Bull Creek Pass
Bullfrog Road
Capitol Reef Scenic Drive (Capitol Wash)
Clay Point Road
Copper Ridge Point
Copper Ridge Trail
Fairview Ranch Road
Little Egypt
Lost Spring Road
McMillian Springs Overlook
Notom Road
Old Notom Road
Pennell Creek Bench (Cow Flat)
Pistol Creek
Pleasant Creek (Tantalus Creek Trail)
Sawmill Basin Road (Wickiup Pass)
Shootering Canyon (Shitamaring Canyon)
South Creek Ridge
South Creek Road
Stanton Pass
Starr Spring (Starr Spring Ranch)
Upper Muley Twist


Hovenweep Area

Trail / Road Name & Trip Report GPS Files
Cajon Ruins Route
Montezuma Canyon


The Maze & San Rafael Desert Area

Trail / Road Name & Trip Report GPS Files
Bull Bottom
Burr Point Trail
Chaffin Ranch Road
Flint Trail
Green River Road
Hans Flat Road
Horseshoe Canyon
Keg Point Road
Poison Springs Canyon Rim
Trin-Alcove Bend


Mexican Hat & Monument Valley

Trail / Road Name & Trip Report GPS Files
Mexican Hat Road
Valley of the Gods


Moab | Arches & Yellow Cat Areas

Trail / Road Name & Trip Report GPS Files
Copper Ridge
Dalton Well Road
Dome Plateau
Dome Plateau Road
Eye of the Whale
Fin Canyon
Fish Seep Draw
Klondike Bluffs
Kokopelli – Dome Plateau Cutoff
Long Valley
Lost Spring Canyon
Salt Valley Gorge Road
Salt Valley Road
Salt Wash Overlook
Thompson Cutoff
Tower Arch
Willow Springs Road
Winter Camp Ridge
Wood Road
Yellow Cat Reservoir
Yellow Cat Road (The Poison Strip)
Yellow Cat Trail


Moab | Behind the Rocks Area

Trail / Road Name & Trip Report GPS Files
Behind the Rocks Road
Kane Canyon Rim Road
Moab Rim
Picture Frame Arch (Prostitute Butte | Lone Rock)
Pritchett Canyon
Tukuhnikivatz Arch


Moab | Cameo Cliffs Area

Trail / Road Name & Trip Report GPS Files
Benchland Trail
Black Canyon
Black Canyon Overlook (Black Ridge Point)
Black Ridge Road
Browns Hole Road
Cave Trail
Highline Road
Muleshoe Canyon


Moab | Canyon Rims Recreation Area

Trail / Road Name & Trip Report GPS Files
Anticline Overlook
Canyonlands Overlook
Chicken Corners
Dry Valley Road
Eightmile Road
Hurrah Pass
Jackson Hole
Jail Rock (Jailhouse Rock)
Kane Creek Canyon (Kane Springs Canyon)
Minor Overlook
Needles Overlook
Windwhistle Overlook


Moab | Cisco Desert Area

Trail / Road Name & Trip Report GPS Files
Agate Wash
Bitter Creek
Cisco Cutoff
Cisco Wash Crossing
Cisco Wash East
Cisco Wash West
Cottonwood Wash Road
McGraw Bottom
McGraw Point


Moab | Dolores Triangle Area

Trail / Road Name & Trip Report GPS Files
Dolores Triangle Road
Granite Creek
Hotel Bottom
Hotel Mesa
Knowles Mesa (Westwater Overlook)
Sand Flat
Sheep Creek
Utah Bottoms


Moab | Island Area

Trail / Road Name & Trip Report GPS Files
3-D Trail
Arths Pasture Road
Arths Pasture Trail
Bartlett Overlook
Bartlett Wash Road
Beehive Butte
Marlboro Point (Big Flat)
Blue Hills Road
Bowknot Bend
Bull Canyon
Cotter Mine Road
Courthouse Pasture
Courthouse Rock
Crystal Geyser
Crystal Geyser Road
Day Canyon Point
Deadman Point Road
Dellenbaugh Tunnel
Dripping Springs
Dubinky Well Road
Four Arches Canyon
Gemini Bridges
Gold Bar Rim
Golden Spike
Hell Roaring Rim
Hidden Canyon
Hidden Canyon Overlook
Hidden Canyon Rim Escape
Levi Well Road
Little Canyon
Long Canyon
Mashed Potato
Mill Canyon Road
Mineral Bottom
Mineral Cutoff
Mineral Point
Poison Spider Mesa
Potash Road
Rainbow Rocks (Rainbow Terrace)
Red Wash
Ruby Ranch Road
Salt Wash Road
Secret Spire
Sevenmile Rim
Shafer Canyon Rim
Shafer Trail
South Fork of Sevenmile Canyon
Spring Canyon Bottom
Spring Canyon Point
Surprise Overlook
Taylor Canyon Rim
Tenmile Point
The Boulevard
Tusher Tunnel
White Wash Sand Dunes (White Wash)


Moab | La Sal Mountains Area

Trail / Road Name & Trip Report GPS Files
Adobe Mesa *
Beaver Basin
Beaver Creek Point
Burro Pass
Cowskin Canyon (Gold Mine Road)
Dark Canyon Lake Road
Deep Creek
Dolores Point
Dolores River
Dolores River Overlook
Entrada Bluffs Road (Entrada Ranch Road)
Fisher Mesa Trail
Fisher Towers
Gateway – Castleton Road
Geyser Pass
Gold Basin
Kokopelli 4×4 Trail
La Sal Mountains Loop Road
La Sal Pass
Lake Oowah
Lumsden Rim
Miners Basin
North Beaver Mesa *
Onion Creek
Pine Ridge Road
Pinhook Valley Road
Polar Mesa
Polar Mesa Loop (Mesa Road) *
Pole Canyon Rim
Professor Creek
Rose Garden Hill
Strike Ravine
Taylor Flat
Thompson Canyon
Top of the World
Two Mile Road
Warner Lake


Moab | Needles & Beef Basin Areas

Trail / Road Name & Trip Report GPS Files
Beef Basin Loop
Beef Basin Loop (Massey)
Beef Basin Spring
Beef Basin Wash
Big Pocket Overlook
Bobbys Hole (Pappys Pasture)
Bull Valley *
Bull Valley – Gypsum Connector
Calf Canyon
Colorado River Overlook
Cottonwood Canyon
Davis Canyon
Dry Fork of Lavender Canyon
Elephant Hill Trail
Fable Valley Trailhead (Pouroff Spur)
Gypsum Canyon Spur
Homewater Spring Loop
Impossible Hill *
Lavender Canyon
Middle Park
North Cottonwood Canyon
Ruin Canyon
Ruin Park
Salt Creek Canyon


Moab | Sand Flats Recreation Area

Trail / Road Name & Trip Report GPS Files
Fins & Things
Hells Revenge
Porcupine Rim
Sand Flats Road
Steel Bender (Mill Creek Canyon)
Upper Porcupine Rim


San Rafael Swell

Trail / Road Name & Trip Report GPS Files
Behind the Reef Road
Black Dragon Canyon (Black Dragon Wash)
Buckhorn Wash Road (Buckhorn Draw Road)
Cathedral Valley
Coal Mine Road
Coal Wash
Copper Globe Mine
Devils Racetrack
Eagle Canyon
Eva Conover
Flat Top Cutoff
Fuller Bottom
Good Water Canyon Loop
Green River Cutoff (Chimney Rock Road)
Head of Sinbad Loop (Locomotive Point)
Hidden Splendor (Hidden Splendor Mine)
Horn Silver Gulch (Dutch Flat Road)
Jackass Benches
Kimball Draw
Lone Warrior
Mexican Mountain Road
Mollys Castle
Moore Cutoff Road (Historical: Now Paved)
Oil Dome Road
Oil Well Flat
Reds Canyon Loop
Reds Canyon Overlook (Link Flats)
Rochester Creek Petroglyph Panel
South Fork of Coal Wash
Sulphur Springs
Swaseys Cabin (Swazys Cabin)
Swaseys Leap (Swazys Leap)
Temple Mountain Road
Three Fingers Petroglyphs Trail
Tidwell Draw
Wedge Overlook
Wild Horse Mesa Trail


Uinta Mountains

Trail / Road Name & Trip Report GPS Files
Currant Creek
Gold Hill Pass
Gold Hill Road
Mill Hollow
Whitney Road


Vernal & Uinta Basin Area

Trail / Road Name & Trip Report GPS Files
Fantasy Canyon
Fidler Road
Glen Bench Road
Island Park


These GPS tracks and other trail information are provided for historical purposes only. Trail and road conditions can change at any time. Contact the Bureau of Land Management or the Forest Service for current conditions.


  1. Tim Berry
    Tim Berry November 9, 2017

    Great information. You have done several since I have – for example Hole in the Rock – I have not done that since the “lake” washed away. The info on the new route in is great. I’m playing with an Android based mapping system and your tracks are interesting to try in there. Say Hi to Marty for me. 😉

  2. Dan
    Dan August 25, 2021

    Hi Randy, I’m always looking to classify my trail maps in an organized fashion, and since you’re much more familiar with Utah than I am, I’ve started cataloging things similarly to your organization above.

    I have a few trails that don’t seem to fall into your buckets – at least, they aren’t all that close to any of the trails you’ve shared – so I’m curious how you’d classify/name the area around Kanab? Really, I suppose, west of Kanab and east of Hurricane, since to the west of Kanab is Grand Staircase – Escalante.


  3. Les Grimes
    Les Grimes March 30, 2023

    Looking for gpx files for Bryce Canyon area ATV trails.

  4. Drew
    Drew August 2, 2023

    Greetings. Looking for some beginner dual sport tracks/roads with dispersed camping. Thanks

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