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Canyon Pintado Rock Art

Sunday, December 5, 2010

On Sunday I decided to stay close to home and re-visit some of the rock art in the Canyon Pintado National Historic District. Here’s a few photos from my day…

My first stop was at East Fourmile Draw

Sun Dagger Pictographs

Then I stopped by the petroglyphs nearby

Foot & Hand

I like this little one

Lonely horse

After spending some time exploring Fourmile Draw, I made my way to the Waving Hands site.

The Guardian

One of the hands

The Waving Hands

From there I went to the Kokopelli Site.

Faded Spirit


Shackled Kokopelli

Next up was the White Birds Site.

White birds Panel


A quick stop at Cow Canyon

Then the State Bridge site

A small panel along the way had these figures

The Camel of Camel Ridge

My last stop of the day was at the Mellen Hill Caves. This was the only area I had not visited before. There were a lot of petroglyphs here, but unfortunately someone had decided to ‘chalk’ them pretty good.

The largest of the Mellen Hill Caves

This small cave was the most interesting. Not only did it have the most rock art, but the top of the cave had a natural chimney that allowed smoke out. As you can tell from the soot on the rocks, it has seen many fires.

It was another great day chasing rock art 🙂

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