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Some more Moab Rock Art

Saturday, December 4, 2010

On Saturday morning, I awoke bright and early so that I could head back to the Moab area to find some more rock art. On my drive towards Moab, I was treated to an excellent sunrise over the La Sal Mountains. Here’s some photos from my day…

The Snake-in-Mouth Panel

Close-up of the blue eyes and the Snake in the Mouth

The Supplication Panel

The Fishman

Opposite the Fishman pictographs

Another small panel along the way

Lonesome Shaman

The Moab Mastodon

Next to the ‘mastodon’

Petroglyphs around the corner from the Owl Panel

The Owl Panel

The Owl

Bird Figure

Bighorn Sheep

Owl Petroglyph Panel

One Comment

  1. will cooper
    will cooper December 18, 2020

    The “fishman” is definitely not a fish — it’s a centipede. There are quite a lot of centipede petroglyphs in the Moab area, and though this is a pictograph, this is recognizable enough as a centipede in comparison to them.

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