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Rabbit Valley Exploring

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Narrow Road
Driving my Jeep back up a narrow road in the Rabbit Valley area shortly before sunset.

I drove out to Rabbit Valley near the Utah state line after work this evening to spend a few hours exploring some of the area. I ended up driving a few backroads in the area I had not been on before and visiting a couple of overlooks and then I hiked down into Ruby Canyon from the rim on an old cattle trail. I also visited a few small petroglyphs and pictographs that were found in a shallow alcove that contained some lithic scatter nearby. It was a nice way to spend the evening and I didn’t see another person until I was back near I-70.

Overlooking the Black Rocks section of the Colorado River. A great place to camp!

Black Rocks View

There were nice stripes in the sandstone in this section of Ruby Canyon.

Ruby Canyon

An evening drive across the grassy desert.

Grassy Road

The petroglyph of a Ute Sweat Lodge that I was looking for.

Ute Sweat Lodge Petroglyph

A couple of other petroglyphs that seem to have remnants of red paint on them. There were two small red pictographs nearby, too.

Ruby Petroglyphs

A nice view from an overlook along one of the roads I explored.

Evening Overlook

A group of female pronghorn watched me as I drove back to the highway.

Looking at Me

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