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Kokopelli Loops: Steve’s Loop

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Steve's Loop View
A view over the Colorado River from Steve’s Loop.

After hiking Mack Ridge on Sunday I’ve been motivated to continue hiking the rest of the trails in the Kokopelli Trail System near Loma that I have not been on before. With the weather being nice this week and days getting longer I decided to try and squeeze in a short loop after work today. After looking at a map I settled on Steve’s Loop since it looked like it would offer great views over the Colorado River near sunset and would be short enough to complete before it got dark out.

Sign at the beginning of Steve’s Loop along the Kokopelli Trail.

Steve's Loop Intersection

I decided to take the loop in a counter-clockwise direction so I would start high and get and overview of the lower loop.

Upper Trail

Steve’s Loop below following the rim of a small canyon.

Steve's Loop

A view down Horsethief Canyon.


A nice view up the Colorado River towards the mouth of Rattlesnake Canyon.

Colorado River Evening

Following the trail along the rim of the canyon.

Along the Edge

Canyon Wall

Canyon Rim

Back to my Jeep shortly before sunset with a nice view of the Book Cliffs across the Grand Valley.

End of the Day


Here’s a map of Steve’s Loop in the Kokopelli trail System.


>> Steve’s Loop Photo Gallery

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