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Grand Mesa Colors

Fall Colors 2015
Color Sunday | Sunday, September 27, 2015

Skyway Point
A beautiful expanse of fall colors from Skyway Point on the Grand Mesa.

Since I had only spent the day in the San Juan Mountains on Saturday, Diane and I decided to drive up onto the Grand Mesa for a few hours to check out the fall colors up there on Sunday afternoon. We took the Grand Mesa Scenic Byway via Plateau Creek to the Land O Lakes Trail where we stopped and went on the short hike to the overlook.

Unfortunately, there weren’t as many colors visible from the Land O Lakes overlook that I thought there might be. Still, it was a nice view with a few small patches of color over Island Lake towards the Crag Crest and Leon Peak.

Island Lake

Then we spent a little time exploring the Old Grand Mesa Road above Mesa Lakes.

Old Grand Mesa Road

There was some nice color along the road.

Fall Drive

Nice scenery along the shore of Mesa Lake.


Jeep Colors

Overlooking Chalk Mountain and the Book Cliffs.

Grand Mesa Colors

We stopped at the Lands End Observatory before driving down Lands End Road on our way home.

Lands End Color

The switchbacks of Lands End Road below.

Lands End Road

A few hours after returning home from the Grand Mesa I was able to photograph the Super Moon Lunar Eclipse from our backyard. Here’s a simple photo of this rare occurrence.

Super Blood Moon

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