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Moab Meanderings: Moab Area Rock Art XLI

Saturday & Sunday, February 10-11, 2024

On Saturday morning Diane and I left home early and headed over to Moab so we could spend our weekend hiking in canyons and searching for rock art together. Although I have hiked through these same canyons before and visited most of the petroglyphs and pictographs we saw many years ago, it’s an area I’ve wanted to return to for a while and since Diane had never been here before it was fun to show her around for the first time. On Saturday the weather was a bit interesting with fast-moving clouds after a clearing storm, but later in the afternoon as we were hiking back to the trailhead we got caught in a graupel storm that turned into a snowstorm. Up until that point it had been one of those days where the temperature felt nice when the sun was out, but it felt cold and chilly when the sun disappeared behind the clouds. Here are some photos from the weekend.

Powerhouse Waterfall

Outline Arch

Outline Arch

Double Sheep

The clouds seemed to be clearing out as we explored a large alcove, making for dynamic conditions.

Canyon & Clouds

Boulder Petroglyphs

The deeply-carved lines on the top of this boulder are very interesting.

Lines On A Boulder

Sheep in the Stripe

Corner Petroglyphs

Bent Arms


Faded Barrier Canyon Style Pictographs

Faded Barrier Canyon Style Pictographs

This pool in the canyon stopped our progress upstream since it was a bit too cold to get wet today.

Second Pool

Bench Arch

Bench Arch

Christmas Lights

Canyon Guardians

Swimming Hole Waterfall

Swimming Hole Waterfall

Paw Panel

Four Arms Panel

Wide Patch Panel

Searching for petroglyphs up on a bench.


This was a faint panel I had missed before that seems to have a large petroglyph of a bear.

Faint Bear Panel

Dead end in a colorful little canyon.

Canyon Cove

Bench Panel

Canyon View

The Hand

Deer & Sheep Panel

Deer & Sheep Panel

Petroglyph Panel

Spiral Patch Panel

Just a little pictograph…

Little Pictograph

Along the Wall

Canyon Fins

Light & Clouds

This photo was taken not very long after the previous couple of photos, as a fast-moving winter storm overtook us during the hike back to the trailhead.

Passing Storm

Sunday was my birthday and we set out just after sunrise in search of a petroglyph panel I’ve been looking for, which I was hoping to find today just like I had found the panel I was looking for last year on my birthday.

Since it had continued to snow for a while the previous evening we would be hiking through a fresh layer of snow for much of the morning.

Sandstone Ridge

Snow-Dusted Morning

Eventually we reached the petroglyph panel at the mouth of a large cave that I was looking for.

Petroglyph Cave Entrance

Petroglyph Cave

Petroglyph Cave

Inside the Cave

Inside the Cave

Looking out from the inside across a snow-covered landscape.

Cave View

Here’s a closer look at the petroglyph panel.

Cave Panel

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  1. Larry Cannon
    Larry Cannon March 7, 2024

    Randy it’s beautiful! where is it located? Utah?

  2. Monica Holyoak
    Monica Holyoak March 7, 2024

    Hey Randy – regarding that pool that stopped your progress up canyon – you can climb high on the left before you reach that pool and pass by it.
    Also, I have a cool story about that alcove with the panel next to it. Back in the 80’s, a friend of mine and his buddy found a leather pouch or satchel that had some scalps in it that had both bone and hair. Kind of spooky. It was eventually turned over to the BLM.

    • Randy Langstraat
      Randy Langstraat March 7, 2024

      Hey Monica, we actually did climb up high above that waterfall on the left, but I didn’t like the narrow section we would have to cross, so we decided to skip it for now. We will either come back in warmer temperatures when we won’t mind getting wet or will hike down from the upper canyon sometime. It worked out for the best since we had a nice hike in the other fork and my interest in the Old Mail Trail was piqued.

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