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Moab Meanderings: Moab Area Rock Art XXXX

Saturday, February 11, 2023

After spending last week around southern Arizona, I was looking to stay a little closer to home this weekend and figured a day trip to Moab in search of rock art was in order on Saturday. There is a very nice petroglyph panel that I’ve been looking for on and off for about twelve years now, so I thought it was time to finally continue the search for that one again since I thought I might have a good idea where it was this time. I left home early on Saturday morning, arrived in Moab shortly after sunrise, and began my search…

There was still quite a bit of snow on the ground around Moab that I had to walk through, until I reached the bottom of this small canyon where it had melted off.

Canyon Exploring

It wasn’t long until I spotted my first petroglyph on the canyon wall.

Canyon Design

Then I continued to find more new petroglyph panels in the area…

Patch Panel

Follow the Ghost

Wrinkled Panel

Little Warrior

This was a really nice panel, but it was difficult to photograph in the sun behind the tree.

Panel Behind the Tree

Zig-Zag Lines

Although it was mostly overcast during my hike, the sun did come out for a little while- just as I started to find petroglyphs.

Temporarily Clearing Sky

This was a really cool larger anthropomorph.

Tall Man Petroglyph

The Centipede

The Centipede

Walking the canyon bottom shortly before the sun would disappear again for the rest of the afternoon.

Canyon Bottom

While I was out and about I stopped to visit the lower end of Entrajo Canyon.

Lower Entrajo Canyon

Entrajo Canyon Chamber

While obviously not authentic, these fake cave painting are kind of cool.

Fake French Cave Paintings

Lizard Panel

Lizard Panel

I did find the petroglyph panel I was looking for, which was a nice birthday present to myself!

Birthday Bear Panel

Here’s a closer look at the main part of the panel.

Birthday Bear Panel Details

>> Moab Area Rock Art XXXX Photo Gallery


  1. Monica Holyoak
    Monica Holyoak February 16, 2023

    Happy birthday Randy. That is a fine birthday present indeed. Not sure I’ve seen that panel. I miss your posts on IG.

    • Randy Langstraat
      Randy Langstraat February 16, 2023

      Thanks Monica. I’ve been kind of taking a break from posting to Instagram and am not sure if I’ll start up again eventually or not.

  2. Monica Holyoak
    Monica Holyoak February 16, 2023

    I can understand that. I left social media for about a month. I’m not sure how much or little I’ll use it in the future. I’m approaching it with trepidation. I enjoy your blog posts the best. I hope you keep posting here. You are definitely an inspiration.

      • SteveR
        SteveR February 17, 2023

        That’s good to hear! In addition to the regular updates, you’ve created a valuable resource for trip planning.

  3. Wade Norton
    Wade Norton March 9, 2023

    Awesome report. I really need to do more with rock art while in Moab. I tend to spend my time there focused more on the wheeling opportunities.

    Again, great post. Thanks

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