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Stories on Stone: Rock Art from the Pahranagat Trail

Presidents Day Weekend | Thursday – Monday, February 15-19, 2024

This year for the Presidents Day holiday weekend I decided to take Friday off from work so I could spend four days exploring and searching for rock art along the Pahranagat Trail, which straddles the Mojave Desert and Great Basin Desert in southern Nevada. Just like last year, I invited my friend Jared along and he was up for joining me again. Unfortunately, he was unable to get Friday off from work so we planned to meet up later that night, which meant that I was on my own for Friday. I left from work on Thursday afternoon, headed to St. George where I grabbed a late dinner and then found a spot to camp just over the state line in Arizona. On Friday morning I was up early and on my way into Nevada.

This time instead of following I-15 through the Virgin River Gorge into Nevada, I took the Cedar Pockets exit and followed the scenic road through the Beaver Dam Mountains during sunrise for a little change of scenery.

Beaver Dam Mountains at Dawn

Beaver Dam Mountains Wilderness

Beaver Dam Mountains Wilderness

Cedar Pockets Road

Cedar Pockets Road

After returning to the interstate in Littlefield I finished the drive to the Moapa Valley and then started heading north on my way to the Pahranagat Valley. I took a detour along the way to visit a couple of petroglyph panels found at the base of the Mormon Mountains.

Three Sheep


Petroglyphs in the Corner

Main Panel

Left Side Petroglyphs

Spiral Panel

Narrow Panel

Cracked Panel

After finishing the drive to the Pahranagat Valley, I spent the rest of the day searching for a couple new rock art sites and then found a campsite for the night where Jared would meet up with me later.

Boulder Road

On Saturday morning we woke up to a colorful sunrise and then spent the rest of the weekend searching for rock art along the Pahranagat Trail.

Sunrise at Camp

There was even a little bit of a sun pillar this morning.

Sun Pillar

Morning Virga

Morning Virga

North Pahroc Range

North Pahroc Range

Driving into the Valley of Faces.

Into the Valley of Faces

Stone Cathedral

Stone Cathedral

A short hike up Little Boulder Canyon.

Little Boulder Canyon

It really should be called the Canyon of Faces…

Canyon of Faces


Rock Art from the Pahranagat Trail

Below is a collection of just some of the photos of rock art I took this weekend while we were out exploring the Pahranagat Trail. Some of these sites were new to both of us and some of them I returned to with Jared since he had not been to them before.

Low Sheep

Lone Petroglyph

Big Sheep Boulder

One Sheep

Colorful Petroglyph Panel

Deer & Lichen

Lichen & Petroglyphs

Shaman Knob Pahranagat Man

Shaman Hill Petroglyphs

Sheep Panel

Dots & Sheep

Shaman Hill Pahranagat Man

Monolith Petroglyphs

White River Designs

White River Narrows Panelrama

Little Canyon Panel

Bighorn Blocks

Sheep at the Bottom

Cane Site

The Big Panel

The Big Panel II

Big Panel Sheep

Big Panel Detail

Big Panel Corner

Shoshone Frog

Many Red Hands

Pahranagat Family Panel

Faded Pahranagat Family

Pahranagat Man

Pahranagat Man of Petroglyph Village

Lichen & PBA's

Pahroc Boulder Petroglyphs

Tinaja Site Petroglyphs


A Sunset & Sunrise in the Pahrocs

On Sunday evening we raced the sunset to find a campsite before dusk.

Sunset Drive

Last Light on the Rocks

Last Light on the Rocks

We were treated to another beautiful sunrise on Monday before we packed up and headed home.

Morning Color

Mount Irish at Sunrise

Mount Irish at Sunrise

Pahranagat Sky

Pahranagat Sky

Basin & Range

Basin & Range

Earth & Sky

Earth & Sky

Hiko Range

Hiko Range

Morning in the Pahrocs

Morning in the Pahrocs

Boulders & Clouds

Boulders & Clouds

>> Rock Art from the Pahranagat Trail Photo Gallery

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