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Kokopelli Loops: Moore Fun Loop

After Work Adventures | Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Well, I was originally planning to go hiking after work yesterday, but the weather didn’t cooperate with those plans and today was looking no better, but as I was leaving work this afternoon the conditions seemed to be pretty nice for a short hike, so I took my chances and headed back over to the Kokopelli Trails near Loma. I returned to the Lions Trailhead so I could hike a four-mile loop of the upper and lower Moore Fun Trail. Although I have hiked the main Moore Fun Trail from both sides before, I had never hiked the shorter Lower Moore Fun Trail, which was my main objective today. But since it’s only a short trail of less than a mile, I figured it would be nice to combine the upper and lower trails into a loop. Although wet weather had been threatening all day across the valley, it seems that the precipitation had completely missed this area as the trails and roads were completely dry, but I did encounter some sprinkles of rain, flurries of snow and plenty of wind during the hike. Here are a couple of photos from my afternoon jaunt.

Looking back over the Moore Fun Trail to stormy skies over the Grand Valley.

Moore Fun Trail

Low-hanging clouds and fast changing light made for some excellent dynamic conditions that I enjoyed photographing.

Low-Hanging Clouds

Mack Ridge

Mack Ridge

Horsethief Canyon & Rabbits Ear Mesa

Horsethief Canyon

Following the Upper Moore Fun Trail along the top of the ridge.

Top of the Ridge

Trail To The Top

Grand Valley Virga

Grand Valley Virga

Hiking along the edge…

Along The Edge

Moore Fun Overlook

Moore Fun Overlook

Dappled light across the Grand Valley to the Grand Mesa.

Grand Valley View

I completed the loop by following the Lower Moore Fun Trail back to the trailhead.

Lower Moore Fun

One last shot as the trail squeezed between these two large boulders.

Between Boulders

>> Moore Fun Loop Photo Gallery

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  1. Tammy
    Tammy March 6, 2024

    Beautiful photos of the weather moving in! I keep wanting to explore this area, thanks for sharing.

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