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Nine Mile Canyon Revisited

Friday & Saturday, December 9-10, 2016

The Great Hunt at Sunset
The Great Hunt Panel in Cottonwood Canyon during a beautiful December sunset.

After attending a concert in Salt Lake City on Thursday night it was time to start heading back home on Friday morning. However, I planned to spend Friday afternoon and all day Saturday in Nine Mile Canyon before finishing the drive back to Grand Junction. I had hoped to revisit some sites lower in the canyon that I had not been to in many years plus find a few sites along the road that I had missed or not found during previous visits. I was also planning on photographing The Great Hunt Panel at sunset on Friday evening. For being December, the weather was not too cold and there was very little snow in the canyon. Friday afternoon was the nicer of the two days with temperatures in the upper 40’s and the sun was out, while Saturday was a little bit cooler with overcast skies and a cold wind that had picked up. Enjoy plenty of photos of the rock art below!

Welcome back to Nine Mile Canyon!

Welcome to Nine Mile Canyon

Following the road through the upper end of the canyon.

Nine Mile Road

A quick but obligatory stop at the First Site.

First Site

The Long-Necked Sheep Panel

Long-Necked Sheep Panel

Leading a Horse

Leading A Horse

When I arrived at The Family Panel, most of the petroglyphs were in the sunlight with deep shadows surrounding the figures.

Family Shadows

A cool spiral-snake nearby.

Spiral Snake

Exploring Nine Mile Canyon in the late afternoon.

Exploring Nine Mile Canyon

Alien Rider

Grids of dots are a common theme found throughout the canyon.


Basket Panel

Picket Fence Panel

Spirals and wavy lines.


Triangle Men

Triangle Men

Heading back to Cottonwood Canyon to watch the sunset.


The Family Panel was all in the shade when I drove past again.

The Family Panel

The Great Hunt after the sun had set.

Great Hunt Evening

The moon coming up over the rim of Cottonwood Canyon before I headed out of the canyon to Price for the night.


A very unique horned snake.

Horned Snake

A bird and some interesting designs.

Bird & Design

I even managed to find a few new pictographs on Saturday that I had missed before.

Pictograph Alcove

Outline Pictograph

The remains of a small granary on a narrow ledge.

Granary On A Ledge

The Echo Panel

Echo Panel

A brief stop at the petroglyphs in Daddy Canyon.

Daddy Canyon Petroglyphs

The inaccessible Santa Claus Panel high on the canyon wall.

Santa Claus Panel

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  1. Dianne Lethcoe
    Dianne Lethcoe December 22, 2016

    Your photos are exquisite. Thanks so much for allowing us to enjoy them.

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