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Moore Fun West

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Moore Fun Ridge
Following the edge of the ridge on the Moore Fun Trail shortly before sunset.

This evening I drove back out to the Kokopelli Trail System after work so I could squeeze in another hike before it got dark out (this should become easier next week after we change our clocks for Daylight Savings Time over the weekend). I returned to the Mack Ridge trailhead and followed the Moore Fun trail from the west to it’s high point above the Horsethief Bench and then returned the same way I had come. I would have preferred to have completed the entire loop but I wouldn’t have had enough daylight and didn’t really want to hike half of it in the dark, so I will have to return and hike the rest of this trail from the east on another day.

As you might be able to tell from this photo, it’s currently open burn season in the Grand Valley and there was a large cloud of smoke to the east obscuring the views of Mount Garfield and the Grand Mesa.

Open Burn Season

That high point in the upper left of this photo was the highest part of the trail and my turnaround spot.

High Point

A nice view from the overlook at the top, minus the cloud of smoke…

High Point View

Following the trail back down the ridge while overlooking the Grand Valley over to the Book Cliffs.

Above the Valley

Mesa Top Trail

View across the valley to Mack Ridge on the other side.

Edge Light

Almost back to the trailhead as the light disappears for the day.

Return Hike

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