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White Rocks

Sunday, December 13, 2015

After spending a few hours hiking the trails between Kodels Canyon and Devils Canyon near Fruita, Diane and I headed over to White Rocks in the Colorado National Monument to visit a couple of rock art sites. I wasn’t really planning on taking any photos during our hikes today so I left my main camera at home, but I did snap a few shots with my point & shoot that I’ll share below.

Protect Your Heritage.

Protect Your Heritage

One of the nicer Fremont-style petroglyphs at the site.

White Rocks Petroglyph

Two more interesting figures.

Faint Petroglyphs

There happened be be a group of about a dozen bighorn sheep that were sticking close to trail. We had to walk past them twice and they only stayed about 20-30 feet away from us.

Bighorn Xing

Lunch Time

>> White Rocks Photo Gallery

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