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Deer Creek Petroglyphs

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This is just a quick and short report from my after-work excursion today. Earlier in the day I learned about the location of a new petroglyph panel, known as the Deer Creek Petroglyphs, which happens to be located near my house, so I set out this evening to visit it and get a few photos. I tried to time my visit so that it would be close to sunset in hopes that the late sunlight would be shining right on the panel, but apparently I was too late since it was completely in the shadows when I arrived. Good thing it’s close to home, because it will be easy for me to try again! Here’s a few photos I took.


Peru Creek & Middle Fork of the Swan

Colorado Adventure 2009 | Day 6
Thursday, August 6, 2009

After making it back to Montezuma yet again, I still had plenty of daylight left and needed to figure out where I wanted to go, as I had completed all of the trails I had planned for the day (and more). Looking at my maps and books, I decided to make the quick trip up Peru Creek. While the sky was cloudy most of the day, it had yet to rain on me. That would soon change…

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