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Moab Rock Art Revisits

Moab Area Rock Art XXVII | Saturday, January 28, 2017

The incredible Supplication Panel of petroglyphs near Moab.

This morning we headed over to the Moab area so I could bring Diane to a few rock arts sites that she had never been to and that I have also wanted to see again. It’s always nice to revisit some old friends! There really not much else to say about the day, so here are a few photos!

I always enjoy seeing the Supplication Panel.

Supplication Panel

Red Sheep Pictographs

Red Sheep

Hiking in the sandy wash.

In The Wash

The Lonesome Shaman

Lonesome Shaman

Tafoni & Pictographs

Tafoni & Pictographs

The Centipede Alcove

Centipede Alcove

It was a little cold out in the morning, but still a nice day to be outside in the desert.

Canyon Jeep

Diane after climbing up to a high alcove.

Alcove Exploring

Very unusual petroglyphs…

Unusual Petroglyphs

A Bird in the Hand is better than a Snake-in-the-Mouth. That’s how that saying goes…right?

A Bird In the Hand

The always-impressive Snake-in-the-Mouth pictographs.

Snake-In-Mouth Panel

The haunting Bartlett Pictograph Panel

Bartlett Pictographs

We didn’t only visit rock art on this day trip, we also stopped at the Gemini Bridges since I couldn’t remember the last time I was here.

Diane standing on one of the bridges.

On The Bridge

A nice over over one of the bridges and Bull Canyon to the La Sal Mountains on the horizon.

Gemini Bridges

The Moab Maiden

Moab Maiden

Big Hands

Hands Panel

Guy On The Right

Part of the Big Men Panel.

Big Men

Button Panel

Button Panel

I’ve always liked this petroglyph of a sheep.

Perfect Sheep

A very interesting panel that’s hard to see and photograph.

Kane Sheep

A small petroglyph panel found at the base of a cliff along the Colorado River.

River Rocks Panel

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  1. Joan & Ron
    Joan & Ron March 6, 2017

    HI Randy! Your travels among the many hysterical areas in the SW are amazing. You are visiting places I’ve longed to see. Thank you for being so generous with your photographs and commentary, especially the ones where challenging hikes are not feasible for seniors like us. We are RVing to the SW In May with my camera and sketchbook at the ready! This winter I’ve researched and mapped out destinations using internet resources, but especially Google Earth and its Street VIew to get the lay of the land at locations we hope to visit. Fascinating, and keeps me out of trouble for hours. So looking forward to this trip. We’re traveling from Washington State to California via Highway 101 to visit family along the way, then east on 40 to AZ briefly visiting friends and my beloved Sedona, then proceed on 40 to the Petrofied Forest. Then we head north to Canyon de Chelly, Mesa Verte, Canyonlands, Moab country, Arches, Capitol Reef, Boulder area, Bryce, and a few other destinations as we head north to home. I will warch for your updates and adventures in rock art country! Thanks for sharing them!

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