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My Ten Favorite Photos of 2019

Well, 2019 is almost over and that means it’s time for me to look back through all the photos I took this year and pick out a few of my favorites. Just like last year, my main goal wasn’t really ‘photography‘ this year, so I don’t think I have that many great photos from the year. But, I did get out an explore a lot of new places this year which is what I was hoping to do! Below you will find my top ten favorite photos from the year, plus eight extra Honorable Mentions. You can click on each title to see the full trip report and please feel free to leave a comment below to let me know what you think about my selections this year. Here’s to a great 2020 and the beginning of a brand new decade!

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Coyote Buttes Alpenglow

I was feeling very sick this morning and almost didn’t get out of my sleeping bag to photograph sunrise. I’m glad that I ‘toughed it out’ and got out for this photo from Coyote Buttes South since it turned out to be one of the best scenes I would photograph all year!


Secluded Waterfall

Although Havasu Falls and Mooney Falls seem to get all the attention in Havasu Canyon, we really enjoyed visiting and photographing Fifty Foot Falls during our visit.


Last Light on Delicate Arch

While this may not be the best photo of Delicate Arch ever taken, it’s special to me since we were able to watch the very first sunset of 2019 here all alone, which is almost impossible to do anymore. It was a wonderful experience!


Rocks in Ice

This is just a simple scene I came across while exploring canyons in the winter, which is something I love to do.


Crater Lake Morning Reflection

A nice calm morning on our first backpacking trip into the Weminuche Wilderness early this summer.


Mooney Falls

Although I didn’t have the best time in Havasu Canyon, at least I came back with a couple nice photos of the main waterfalls.


Smoky Telluride Sunset

It’s amazing what a lot of smoke in the atmosphere added to this scene over Telluride taken from the Black Bear Pass Road at sunset.


Dominguez Canyon Storm

I’ve taken photos from this location along the rim of Dominguez Canyon before, but it had always been under a clear blue sky in the middle of the day. This time a storm was moving through the area and the spotlighting and clouds added a lot to the scene!


Tafoni Alcove

While exploring the Music of Chimney Canyon in November I really enjoyed this awesome alcove that we wandered into.


Edge of the World

While working my way though the rest of the official trails in the Island in the Sky District of Canyonlands National Park, I watched this beautiful sunrise from the rim while hiking down the Lathrop Trail.



Below are eight more honorable mentions that didn’t quite make my top ten list for the year bringing the total to eighteen photos for 2019.


Canyon Light

Honestly, floating through The Chute of Muddy Creek was one of the highlights of the year for me. It’s such a beautiful place!


Little Death Hollow Lines

I hiked through a bunch of slot canyons this year, and I think Little Death Hollow was my absolute favorite one.


Juniper Alcove

Here’s another intimate scene from the Paria Plateau. This little juniper tree caught my eye in this colorful alcove.


Phipps Arch

We had a nice day-hike down Phipps Wash in October and the highlight of the day was visiting the massive Phipps Arch.


Death Hollow

I finally made it into Death Hollow this fall and canyon did not disappoint!


Assembly Hall Peak Sunset

A nice sunset along the San Rafael River the evening before our float through the Little Grand Canyon.


San Juan Storm

A stormy evening in the San Juan Mountains with Uncompahgre Peak and Wetterhorn Peak barely visible through the rain.


White River View

I really enjoyed our float trip on the White River this spring, and this view from the rough hiking trail to Goblin City was very nice, too!


Throughout the year I try and keep track of all my favorite photos by adding them to an album on Flickr so it’s easier for me to choose my very favorites at the end of the year. Follow this link to see all of the favorites that didn’t make this final list: