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Campsites of 2018

2018 has been the greatest year for camping and getting outside in my entire life by a long shot! I spent 80 nights camping underneath the stars this year and also camped more than one night during each month. Here are a few photos of of our campsites from throughout the year. You can find a complete list of everywhere we camped at the following link: Bag Night Challenge 2018

EC3 Campsite


CP1 Campsite


Ekker Camp


Doll House Camp 1


Grand Gulch Camp


Cedar Point Campsite


North Rim Campsite


Echo Park Campsite


Verde Lake Camp


Cold Springs Campsite


Nice Camp


Oh-Be-Joyful Camp Sunrise


Camp In The Clouds


Willow Park Camp


Evening At Camp


Henrys Fork Camp


Labyrinth Camp 1


Slaughter Bottom Camp


Horsehoof Campsite


Grabens Camp


Kanab Plateau Camp


Esplanade Camp at Dusk


Squaw Flat Campground Sunrise


Squaw Flat Snow

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