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2021 Favorite Photos

I’m little late this year and almost didn’t even bother making this annual post since I didn’t feel many of my photos were that good this year, but I’ll still go ahead and share a couple of my favorites from 2021. Surprisingly, a bunch of these photos are from Dinosaur National Monument, so I’ll have to make sure to spend more time there this year!

You can find a full gallery of favorite photos I picked out throughout the year here:


Comb Ridge View

Cathedral Gorge Sunstar

Sheets Gulch II

Canyon Trees

Whirlpool Canyon

Cliffs & Trees

Ruple Point Sunrise

Warm & Cool

Over The Edge

Split Sky

Hahns Peak Fire Lookout

Deer in the Willows

Slide Lake Evening

Peak Morning

Mud Cracks

Blue Mountain Rainbow

Island Park Fog

Mount Mellenthin Sunset


Published on January 10, 2022