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Pollock Canyon

New Year’s Eve | Saturday, December 31, 2016

Pollock Arch Sunburst
Underneath Liberty Bell Arch in the McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area.

Diane and I headed out to the McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area early this morning for our final hike of 2016. We started our hike from the Rattlesnake Canyon Trailhead near Fruita and hiked up to the top of the Pollock Bench before dropping down a steep trail into Upper Pollock Canyon so we could visit Liberty Bell Arch (Pollock Arch). After checking out the arch from a few different vantage points we decided to continue down Pollock Canyon instead of returning the way had come to create a ten mile loop. While I had hiked all of this route on different trips before, it was all new for Diane.

Following the trail along the rim of Flume Creek Canyon as we headed toward the Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness.

Flume Creek Canyon Rim

It was a bit hazy this morning over the Grand Valley, so I took advantage of the conditions with a few photos shortly after sunrise.

Early Morning Haze

Canyon Rim

Nice stripes in the sandstone that make up the Pollock Bench.

Flume Canyon Stripes

Another hazy view over the Colorado River to the Book Cliffs in the distance.

Grand Valley Haze

One last look through the haze over Flume Creek Canyon before the trail left the rim for a while.

McInnis Canyons Haze

When we reached the top of the Pollock Bench we had a nice view over the East Fork of Pollock Canyon.

Pollock Canyon

After dropping down into the canyon and hiking up the wash while trying not to break through the ice, we reached a viewpoint right below Liberty Bell Arch.

Liberty Bell Arch

The arch looks small in photos taken from below, so here is a photo of Diane sitting below it.

Under the Arch

This photo was taken just below the arch from where Diane was sitting in the previous photo.

Pollock Arch Sunburst

On the way back down the canyon we stopped to visit an old cabin.

Pollock Cabin

Just some of the historic relics found inside.

Cabin Interior

Looking through the windows of the cabin.


Following Pollock Canyon back to the Rattlesnake Canyon Trail.

Canyon Bottom

Diane hikes along the rim of Pollock Canyon after we climbed back out.

Hiking Out

Just a small hoodoo above the trail as we made our way back to my Jeep.

Hoodoo Butte

That’s all for 2016! I’m looking forward to many more adventures in 2017!

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