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Jeep Arch (Gold Bar Arch)

Christmas Weekend in Moab | Monday, December 26, 2016

The Other Side
A close-up view of Jeep Arch (Gold Bar Arch).

On Monday morning we checked out of our hotel in Moab and followed the Colorado River on the Potash Road until we reached the trailhead for Culvert Canyon (Dragonfly Canyon, Cameltoe Canyon) just before the mouth of Gold Bar Canyon. Our destination this morning was a short hike with some elevation gain up to Jeep Arch (Gold Bar Arch). I vaguely recalled seeing this arch about eight years ago when I took my Jeep Cherokee on the Golden Spike Trail, and I was looking forward to getting a closer look today.

We arrived at the trailhead shortly after sunrise and got started on the hike. It was a bit cold this early in the morning, but thankfully the wind from the previous day had stopped, so it didn’t feel too bad. Right off the bat, the trail goes through a large culvert under the railroad tracks to get to the canyon on the other side. This made for some fun photo opportunities!

Looking through the culvert to the light on the other side. This shot makes me a little dizzy…


Diane having some fun with the light and shadows in the tunnel.

Tunnel Vision

When we reached the canyon on the other side we climbed up next to the tracks for a morning view over the Colorado River.

Colorado River

Diane stops to enjoy the view.

Railroad View

Next we followed the sandstone ledges above the bottom of the canyon and climbed up towards a large spire.

Culvert Canyon Hiking

This is the spire we were aiming for. The trail climbs to the gap between the butte and spire.

Big Spire

Our first view of Jeep Arch was when we had almost reached it.

Gold Bar Arch

A closer look…

Jeep Arch

The loop trail continues right through the massive arch.


After spending some time underneath the arch we continued down the trail on the other side.

Hiking Down

There was plenty of slickrock to explore in this area.

Sandstone Playground

A little more fun with the light and shadows in the culvert on our way back.

Into the Light


The hike was shorter and took less time that I had thought, so before starting our drive back home we stopped at the dinosaur tracks near the Poison Spider Mesa Trailhead and visited a few petroglyphs along the Colorado River. It was a great Christmas weekend!

Moab Cutouts

Moab Cutouts

The Watering Hole

The Watering Hole



Colorado River Petroglyphs

Colorado River Petroglyphs

Below is a map of the GPS track from our loop hike up to Jeep Arch in case you would like to check it out for yourself.


>> Jeep Arch Photo Gallery

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