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Collins Canyon

Sunday, March 3, 2013

On Sunday morning I was up shortly before sunrise and quickly taking down camp so I could get an early start on the hike. I wasn’t planning on taking any photos at sunrise, but when I saw the sky start to light up I quickly grabbed my camera out of the Jeep and ran over to the nearest outcrop of sandstone above my camp. I’m glad that I did!

Grand Flat Sunrise

Pothole Sunrise

The distant cliffs were lit up intensely for just a moment and I’m glad I was able to catch it.

Momentary Light

When I reached the Collins Canyon trailhead after a short drive, the sun broke through the clouds briefly. After this I wouldn’t see sunlight again until I was hiking back.

Collins Morning

There were plenty of pictographs to be found along the way.


Red Sheep

Big & Small

More Hands


Carry the Bird

I spotted these two granaries high above the wash and managed to find a way up to them.

Two Granaries

A reflection of The Narrows in a pool of water just beyond the small slot.

Narrows Reflection

Hiking back up along a large dryfall in Collins Canyon when the overcast sky finally started to clear up.

Collins Dryfall

I also visited an old cowboy camp that had many relics left over from the early 1900’s.

Can & Jars

One Pound Ground

>> Collins Canyon Photo Gallery

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