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Indian Creek Corridor Rock Art

Indian Creek Area Rock Art II
Sunday, May 22, 2011

After leaving Hovenweep National Monument I started heading north on my way home. On the way I took a detour down Utah 211 to try and find some more rock art along the Indian Creek Canyon corridor. I took the highway to the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park so that I could hike to a pictograph panel that I had not visited before. This panel contains a number of faded Barrier Canyon Style anthropomorphs and a whole bunch of handprints. Unfortunately, reaching this panel was no fun, since I had to bushwhack through the densest tamarisk jungle I have ever been in! Next time I visit this location, I’m hiking from a different direction!

While most of the anthropomorphic figures on this panel were Barrier Canyon Style, this one appears to be Fremont? There are a bunch of reverse handprints next to it, also.

Anthropomorph & Handprints by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

Speaking of reversed handprints…

Handprints by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

A closeup of two different styles of handprints found here.

Hands by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

The start of a long row of Barrier Canyon Style anthropomorphs.

Fading by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

These two figures at ground level seem to have attending dogs above their shoulders.

Attending Dogs by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

Here you can see the two rows of figures.

Two Rows by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

The details on the anthropomorph on the right reminds me of the Moqui Queen pictograph.

Fading BCS by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

Three more figures with a few handprints.

Three by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

My next stop was a revisit to the Five Faces panel, which happens to be one of my favorite panels!

Five Faces by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

A different perspective.

Five Up by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

On my way back to the Jeep from the Five Faces, I noticed some faint zoomorphs that I had missed before.

Faint Zoomorphs by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

A very small granary along the way.

Micro-Granary by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

After leaving Canyonlands behind, I began my search for the Fighting Men panel, and found this one nearby.

Feet & Maze by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

A small figure inside a larger one. This is a very cool petroglyph.

Inside by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

Finally found the Fighting Men.

Fighting Men by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

This petroglyph panel was adjacent to the Fighting Men.

Adjacent to Fighting Men by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

Here’s a wider view of the corner where the Fighting Men and other petroglyphs are found.

Fighting Men Corner by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

This faint panel was nearby and hard to get a good shot of. There appears to be a large crescent moon.

Under the Crescent Moon by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

I also revisited the Crescent Moon Panel.

Sheep Under the Moon by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

These very long snakes are carved deeply into the sandstone. You can see a few other faint petroglyphs in this panel as well, including a good-sized scorpion. This is one of the more interesting petroglyph panels around.

Long Snakes by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

While driving back to Newspaper Rock I was scanning the canyon walls for more rock art. I thought I noticed something and stopped the Jeep. What I had seen turned out to be nothing, but where I ended up stopping led me right to a few more panels. Talk about luck! This anthropomorphic figure has a much smaller one inside, making me wonder if it doesn’t represent a pregnancy?

Pregnant by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

A wider view of the panel.

Pregnant Panel by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

A few more petroglyphs near the ones above, including another crescent moon.

Triangle Moon by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

Of course, I couldn’t drive by Newspaper Rock without stopping for a few photos.

Lotsa Feet by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

Another interesting figure from Newspaper Rock that I don’t think I have posted a photo of before.

Lizard King by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

After taking a few photos at Newspaper Rock I was back on my way home again…after a quick stop at Taco Time in Monticello for some lunch.

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