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Lower Dominguez Canyon

Friday, December 24, 2010 | Christmas Eve

On Friday I picked up my friend Jackson and we headed to Bridgeport to hike into Lower Dominguez Canyon. There are some petroglyphs a few miles into the canyon which were my main goal for the day, but it was a very nice and scenic canyon with a few waterfalls as well. It was a great way to spend Christmas Eve.

The first petroglyph panel we encountered

From the first panel, I spotted some petroglyphs high up on the canyon wall, so we scrambled up the talus slope to get a closer look.

On our way up I found this sun carved into a boulder

The panel I spotted on the canyon wall

Closer look

Bear and Bear Paw (with eight toes)?

I walked along the canyon wall searching for more petroglyphs, and found this lonely long-necked figure

When we reached the bottom of the canyon again, we found a few more panels on some large boulders.

The Armadillo

Long Headdress

I’ll call this the ‘Candy Cane & Snowman Panel’ since it was Christmas Eve 😉

No idea what this is?

Another boulder

We had some lunch after searching around for petroglyphs before turning around and heading back.

Jackson getting ready for lunch

Lone Sheep

On our way back, we stopped to check out the large waterfall. We were on top and there wasn’t an easy way down without getting wet….I might have to head back in the spring when it’s warmer!

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