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Along the Colorado River Gorge

Saturday, December 18, 2010

After my detour into the Book Cliffs I was back on the road towards Moab for the rest of the day. The Colorado River Road was covered with snow so I didn’t make as good of time as I usually do, but I did stop for a few photos in Professor Valley on the way…

River Tower barely out of the clouds

Parriott Mesa in the clouds

Once I reached Moab I continued on down along the Colorado River. My destination was the famous dinosaur tracks near the Poison Spider Mesa trailhead. I have been by these tracks a number of times, but have never stopped to check them out before.

Dino tracks

From the dinosaur tracks, I hiked around in search of some more petroglyphs.

Back to Back Sheep


Two-Headed Sheep


View across the river into the Behind-the-Rocks WSA

Foot & Sheep

While searching the canyon walls in Williams Bottom for rock art, I came across what looks like a more modern drawing of a frog with a heart?

Sandstone abstract

On my way back towards town I stopped again at the petroglyphs right along the highway, since I always seem to find something new every time I stop at a large panel.

The real Fishman


The Bear

Basket in the crack

Centipede Panel

I still had some time to kill before heading home, so I headed into Arches National Park so I could get some better photos of the Wolfe Ranch petroglyph panel.

After grabbing some dinner in town, I headed back home. Just after the sun had set, I took this photo of the Titan in the clouds.

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