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Kokopelli Loops: Mary’s Loop & Wrangler Trail

After Work Adventures: Halloween Edition | Tuesday, October 31, 2023

With the Daylight Savings Time change coming up this weekend, I wanted to get out for one more longer hike after work this week before it really starts getting dark early and I thought it would be a good idea to head on over to the Kokopelli Loop Trails in the McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area located between Loma and Mack. Although I have hiked and mountain biked about half the trails in this system over the years, there are still some I have not been on before and I thought that completing the rest of them would be a good project to start working on next. I may not finish them this year, but I can always pick up where I left off in the spring. For today’s hike I started at the upper Lion’s Trailhead and followed Mary’s Loop and the Kokopelli Trail east along the Colorado River and Horsethief Bench, then I looped back up and around on the Wrangler Trail which made a nice 7.5 mile loop. I arrived back to my Jeep about fifteen minutes before sunset, so the timing was perfect! Here are a couple photos taken along the way…

After rounding the corner on Mary’s Loop, I had a good view of the Colorado River.

Colorado River View

Following the Kokopelli Trail / Mary’s Loop above the Colorado River toward Horsethief Bench.

Mary's Loop Trail

A closer look at the islands in the river and the mouth of Rattlesnake Canyon.

River Islands

Looking back along the trail and river to Rabbits Ear Mesa.

Trail & River

Mary’s Loop Trail

Mary's Loop View

Following the rim above Horsethief Bench.

Above The Rim

Along The Rim

Nice evening views along the Kokopelli Trail.

Kokopelli Trail View

Following the Wrangler Connector to the Wrangler Trail.

Wrangler Connector

The Wrangler Trail climbed to the shoulder of Mack Ridge.

Wrangler Trail

Looking back along Mack Ridge with the Grand Mesa visible on the horizon.

Mack Ridge

One final view from the Wrangler Trail shortly before sunset.

Wrangler Trail Evening View

>> Mary’s Loop & Wrangler Trail Photo Gallery

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