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Upper – Lower Muley Twist Canyon

Canyons of the Waterpocket Fold | Sunday, February 28, 2021

I guess I didn’t get enough of the Waterpocket Fold two weeks ago when I spent my birthday weekend in Capitol Reef National Park, so on Sunday morning I stopped to hike through another canyon carved into the sandstone monocline on my way home since I happened to be driving right past the trailhead along the Burr Trail. After spending Saturday around the King Bench with Dennis and Chris, I left early from camp so I could hike into the upper end of Lower Muley Twist Canyon before driving home. Diane and I had missed this section of the canyon last year since we started at The Post Cutoff Trail to make a loop. I wasn’t expecting this section of the canyon to be as nice as the lower end, and it wasn’t, but it was still much nicer than I thought it was going to be and I ended up taking a lot of photos along the way since the light was nice.

I stopped for a photo of the Snow Moon above the Circle Cliffs as I followed the Wolverine Loop Road back to the Burr Trail.

Snow Moon over the Circle Cliffs

A lovely morning along the Wolverine Loop.

Wolverine Loop Road

I reached the Lower Muley Twist Canyon at the top of the Burr Trail Switchbacks and started hiking downcanyon.

Lower Muley Twist Canyon Trailhead

I really enjoyed walking down this canyon early in the morning. The light and colors were spectacular!

Hiking Downcanyon

Narrowing Canyon

Morning Canyon Sunstar

Canyon View

Shallow Narrows

Canyon Walking

Rocky Path

Canyon Scene

Another Sunstar

Lower Muley Twist Bend

Reflected Light

After hiking through narrows for a couple of miles the canyon then opened up where another side canyon cut down through the Circle Cliffs and joined Lower Muley Twist Canyon.

Open Canyon

My understanding is that this side canyon was where the old wagon road to Halls Crossing entered Lower Muley Twist Canyon which makes senese since there are a few petroglyphs and inscriptions found nearby.

Alcove Petroglyphs

Striped Overhang

I just loved the reflected light in this big striped alcove!

Big Striped Alcove

The wash twisted through some large boulders for a short section.

Through Boulders

Boulders & Alcove

Big Bend

Just ahead is the junction with The Post Cutoff Trail. I continued on to the intersection and then turned around and headed back up the canyon.

Near The Junction

I didn’t stop for as many photos on the hike back since the light wasn’t as nice, so I made good time returning to my Jeep.

Big Wall

The Narrows

Upper - Lower Muley Twist Canyon

When I returned to my Jeep my GPS said I had hiked 9 miles round-trip and it took me about 3 hours to complete, so I guess I was walking pretty fast when I wasn’t stopping to take photos. It was a very nice hike and I’m glad I took the time to check out this part of the canyon.

Finally, I stopped to revisit this petroglyph that really looks like a moose on my way home.

Moose Petroglyph

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