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Grand Mesa Fall Colors 2018

Fall Colors 2018 | Sunday, September 16, 2018

After a quick trip up to Imogene Pass in the San Juan Mountains on Saturday morning I wasn’t planning on going anywhere else for the rest of the weekend. However, when I saw that the fall colors were looking pretty good this early in the season I figured it would be worth it to take a quick drive up onto the Grand Mesa later on Sunday afternoon to catch the sunset. It turned out to be a pretty good decision! Originally, I was planning on heading up to the Grand Mesa after work one day during the last week of September like I usually do, but now I’m sure if I had waited until then it probably would have been way too late! While there were still plenty of green trees up there, and there were also groups of trees that had already dropped most of their leaves, I thought there was a really good mix of colors that looked nice. I also saw more reds and oranges than I usually do up in this area. Here are a few photos from our evening on the Grand Mesa.

Out for a drive, searching for fall colors on the Grand Mesa.

'Tis The Season

The Road To Fall

The Road To Fall

We found some great colors below Skyway Point.

Searching for Fall Colors

Diane stands on the road in front of a vibrant backlit grove of golden aspen trees.


A yellow wall of leaves.

Yellow Wall

Green changing to yellow…

Aspen Leaves

Sunset at Skyway Point.

Skyway Point Evening

Color of the Hills

Color of the Hills

Skyway Point 2018. I photograph this scene almost every year at fall, and this was the earliest I have ever been up here. I really like the mix of greens and yellows at this time.

Skyway Point 2018

One last shot from the Skyway Point Overlook after sunset before we headed back home.

Changing Colors

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  1. Tim
    Tim September 22, 2018

    Awesome pictures !

  2. Debra
    Debra September 25, 2018

    Beautiful photos. We have planned a trip to Grand Mesa this week. Hope we see at least some of what you experienced.

  3. Eric
    Eric October 8, 2018

    Great shots! I was up on the mesa today checking out my first snow of the year! Still a bit of yellow to be found up there!

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