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Tellerico Trail to Corcoran Point

Labor Day | Monday, September 5, 2016

Corcoran Point
Warm evening light on Corcoran Point shortly before sunset in the Book Cliffs near Grand Junction.

Since we ended up cutting our backpacking trip in the Uncompahgre Wilderness short by a day, I was free to go on an evening hike on the Tellerico Trail in the Book Cliffs for the Labor Day holiday. This trail has long been on my to-do list of local hikes and it was finally time to get out and do it. I figured that since the trail came very near to Corcoran Point (7,352) at the top, it would make a good destination to turn around at. Part of the reason I chose this trail is because it’s close to home, but I also hoped that since it’s not too popular I would’t run into anyone else on this busy three-day weekend. That was a good call since I didn’t see another person the entire evening. This trail definitely does not see much traffic, and because of that there are many sections of the trail that have been washed out a bit. There were certainly a few sections that I needed to be extra careful on.

Almost to the trailhead at the end of 25 Road at the base of the Book Cliffs.

To the Trailhead

Shortly after starting the hike I came across this collared lizard on a rock along the trail.

Tellerico Lizard


A short dryfall I had to climb up in the wash with some nice reflected light.

Tellerico Dryfall

A nice view over the North Desert as I traversed across the front of the Book Cliffs.


One of the steeper sections of the trail.

Striped Trail

The view west over the Book Cliffs as I neared Corcoran Point.

The Book Cliffs

There was a nice view of Corcoran Peak (8,076) from up here, too. I think I’ll have to try and climb this one some other time.

Corcoran Peak

The view southeast from the summit of Corcoran Point overlooking the Little Book Cliffs and Mount Garfield towards the Grand Mesa. You can even see the San Juan Mountains through the haze in the distance.

Corcoran Point Summit View

I looked around the summit and found an old log that was started in 1977. I think this is the oldest one I’ve come across so far.

Summit Log 1977

Hiking back down the Tellerico Trail.


I like the transition from the desert to the fields at the top of this photo.


I created this photo with a few wildflowers and a little camera movement.

Book Cliffs Abstract

Grand Valley View

The remains of an old coal mine near the trailhead.

Coal Mine

Driving back home with Corcoran Point towering over my Jeep in the background.

Jeep Below Corcoran Point

An evening view of the Little Book Cliffs on my way back.

Little Book Cliffs

I have included a map and GPS track of my hike below. Just a warning- although there is a trail the entire way (aside from the short scramble up to the summit of Corcoran Point), this trail doesn’t see much use and there are many narrow loose sections that are washed out, so you need to be careful on this hike. That said, it’s a great hike close to town with nice scenery and the chances of running into someone else are pretty slim. I highly recommend it!



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