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Return to the Colorado National Monument

Monday, May 9, 2016

Water fills potholes in the sandstone along the canyon’s edge with warm sunlight striking the Pipe Organ and Independence Monument.

It’s been a while since the last time I took a drive through the Colorado National Monument and it’s also been a while since I’ve gone out specifically to take photos around sunrise or sunset. After all the rain we’ve been having in the Grand Valley lately, it looked like the storms were finally clearing out this evening so I decided to take a drive on Rim Rock Drive in the west section of the park this evening and stopped at a few of the viewpoints along the way to take a couple of photos.

Balanced Rock in Fruita Canyon.

Balanced Rock

View from the Independence Monument Overlook.

Independence Monument

Light and shadows over the Coke Ovens and Monument Canyon.

Coke Oven Tops

View across the Grand Valley to the Book Cliffs.

Grand Valley

Monoliths in Monument Canyon.

Evening Monuments

All the potholes along the Canyon Rim Trail were full from the recent storms.



A touch of pink in the sky at Pothole Point.


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