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Devil’s Canyon Frontcountry

Thanksgiving | Thursday, November 26, 2015

Cowboy Hat Tower Panorama
Panorama of the Cowboy Hat Tower with a snowstorm in the distance over the Grand Valley.

For Thanksgiving Diane and I had originally planned to hike a seven mile loop through Devil’s Canyon in the morning. However, since Diane had forgotten her rain jacket at home and there were rain and snow storms scattered throughout the valley, we decided to just stick to the frontcountry trails near the mouth of Devil’s Canyon in case we needed to make a quick retreat back to my Jeep at the trailhead. We would encounter a few snowstorms throughout the morning, but they didn’t get us very wet. Since the clouds and light were looking pretty nice this morning we headed over to the Cowboy Hat Tower first so I could get a few photos of this geologic feature.

Following the K1 Trail through a shallow canyon.

Under Sandstone

A snow squall over the Grand Valley in the distance.

Fruita Storm

With the changing light and clouds I spent a bit of time photographing the Cowboy Hat Tower from different angles.

Cowboy Hat Tower

The Tower

Tower Light

Hiking along the trail back to Devil’s Canyon.

K1 Trail

The mouth of Devil’s Canyon through a light snow storm.


Following the wet and muddy wash into Devil’s Canyon.

Devil's Canyon Wash

We stopped to visit a petroglyph in Devil’s Canyon that was wet from the falling snow that wasn’t sticking.

Wet Petroglyph

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