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Sieber Canyon

Saturday, November 22, 2014

I’ve known about petroglyphs hidden in Sieber Canyon for quite a few years now, but have always seemed to put off a trip in search of them, instead choosing to travel elsewhere throughout the Southwest each weekend. That seems to be the way it works with me- always wanting to travel somewhere new away from home! A few years back I even found the route down into the canyon but I didn’t have enough time go down that day. Earlier this year I tried to hike into the canyon on Easter, but I was turned around by a closed road and had to cancel those plans. Diane and I were finally able to hike into Sieber Canyon this morning and found the petroglyphs we were looking for. It was a beautiful day for hiking and we managed to get back out of the canyon before a winter storm moved through the area in the afternoon. There were some nice clouds in the sky during the morning hours and it didn’t get completely overcast until after we found the main petroglyph panel. The main panel was very cool and contains some of the best petroglyphs I have visited this close to home. Unfortunately, some of the best figures in this panel have been shot up with bullet holes.

Great views into Sieber Canyon as we descended the steep and loose trail and then followed some game trails along the deep arroyo cut in the bottom of the canyon.

Sieber Canyon

Down Canyon

Canyon Morning

Upper Sieber Canyon

Feet petroglyphs on a large sandstone slab that we came across.


Nice clouds above the canyon walls as we hiked down the wash.

Tower Light

Nice Clouds

The main petroglyph panel was larger than I thought it would be and it contained some impressive figures.

Sieber Warriors


There were even some nice spirals.

Spirals Panel

This probably would have been the best figure on the panel, if it hadn’t been shot up.

Shot Up

A cool hunting scene.

The Hunter

This little adventure turned out to be a nice morning hike that was close to home.

>> Sieber Canyon Photo Gallery


  1. Jennifer
    Jennifer December 2, 2014

    I love exploring McInnis Canyons. I see Sieber on the map. Would you mind sharing the route down? Totally understand if you don’t want to put that info out there.

  2. Dave Trappett
    Dave Trappett December 17, 2014

    Damn Randy, that figure was in an archeology publication in April 2012 and was not damaged in the published picture. I wonder if it happened between then and now. So sad we have #%£€$& jerks doing that kind of thing. Hopefully they will get their just rewards someday. We will never know. Great shots!

    • Randy Langstraat
      Randy Langstraat December 18, 2014

      Dave, I know the article you are speaking of and asked Robert about that particular photo. It was digitally restored in Photoshop. The bullet holes were there when he took that photo.

  3. Tom Warren
    Tom Warren January 6, 2015

    Randy – A shame about the shield figure. The gunshot appears recent and is upsetting.

    Great reports. Thanks

  4. Debbie Hanna
    Debbie Hanna June 13, 2016

    That was an amazing site to see! Not a hard hike either! Thanks!!

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