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Veterans Day on the Island in the Sky

Veterans Day | Thursday, November 11, 2010

Amanda and I were both off on Veterans Day this year so we loaded up the Jeep and headed for Canyonland’s Island in the Sky District for the day. On our way there we stopped to check out some petroglyphs and pictographs.

Intestine Man pictograph panel

Before reaching Canyonlands, we took a side road to scout Marlboro Point for a future sunrise photo.

Crows Head Spire

When we reached Canyonlands we headed straight for Aztec Butte.

View over Trail Canyon

Amanda through the arch


Two more small granaries on the smaller butte

Amanda took this one of me

After our hike around Aztec Butte we made our way over to False Kiva.

After our hike to False Kiva we headed back to Moab, but not before stopping to check out a few more petroglyphs.

Golf Course panel

Moab Man

Moonflower Canyon Petroglyphs

Another small panel along Kane Creek Road we found near sunset

After checking out the petroglyphs we headed back into town for some burgers from Milt’s before heading home in the dark. It was a nice day, even though it was a bit cold.

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