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Biking the Gunnison Bluffs

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I decided to take my bike out for a short ride on the Gunnison Bluffs trail that is only a few miles from home. Amanda and I hiked part of this trail last spring, so I knew it would be relative mild to test out my bike off-road.

Start of the trail, headed towards the Gunnison


Grand Mesa in the background


Gunnison River below




  1. Dale Kerr
    Dale Kerr September 21, 2013

    Hi,I really enjoy looking at all your photo’s and website.I lived in Colorado for 17 years then moved back to ohio and got ran over by a drunk driver on July 20th,2007,and was left in a ditch to die with 64 broken bones,and now Im unable to walk.I wanted to let you know to see all your pictures really helps keep my Colorado spirit alive.Im doing physical therapy to learn how to walk again,and hopefully will be able to come back home soon.But untill I can, I enjoy seeing all the pictures and just really checking out everything you have in the website.Gives me hours of fun,something I really enjoy doing,as I cant get out much to do things I want to do.I still fish some but not like before.I once was broke down in St.Elmo,Colorado with my brother,we went 4-wheelin and ended up broke down in st.elmo.We stayed all night in a 200 yr old log cabin in st.elmo and that was a experiance alone.I also been up over tincup pass and into tincup,taylor lake area and the Gunninson area.I also have been all over the western part of colorado.I want to live in Grand Junction Colorado when I move back home,Im from Colo.Springs,Colo but want to live in GJ when I get home.I hope you will write me back and maybe give me some insights on some things I can look at in your website.It helps give me something to see when Im not doing therapy.The guy who did this to me,didnt have any auto insurance and so even tho I sued him for $5 Million I doubt Ill see any of that money.I have a fundraiser set up with to help get donations to help with fuel costs to get to my therapy 2 days a week and is a 92 mile round trip.Its hard to make ends meet on a fixed income something I never expected I had to live on,as I worked all my life.I hope you will write me back,thanks for your time and mostly your awesome pictures and website,your doing a awesome job,keep it coming in,thank you so much,Dale.

    • Randy Langstraat
      Randy Langstraat September 27, 2013

      Thank you for the comment Dale. I’m glad you enjoy looking at my photos and that they help keep your Colorado spirit alive!

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