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Lunch on Grand Mesa

Sunday, June 29, 2008

For lunch today, Amanda and I decided to head up on top of Grand Mesa. I thought it would be a good idea to check out Lands End Road.

After gassing up, we headed towards Grand Mesa.


Soon the pavement ended and we started the climb up Lands End Road


Lands End Road is a nice easy gravel road the whole way, and consists of a lot of switchbacks as it ascends Grand Mesa.

A few of the switchbacks


When we reached the top, we stopped by the observatory located there. It doesn’t open until July, so we only checked out the views from the top of the mesa. While taking in the views, Amanda made a new friend


From there, we checked out a two-track that was supposed to lead to a nice overlook. However, turned out it was gated closed further on.


We turned around and started looking for a good place to stop for lunch. We ended up stopping by the Anderson Reservoirs.

Anderson Reservoir #1


Where we ate lunch next to Anderson Reservoir #2


Unfortunately, there ended up being a ton of bugs and mosquitoes flying around, so we quickly ate, checked out the lake and headed out of there. We finished up by making our way to Highway 65 and taking it back down the mesa.

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