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The Sky Faces

A while back I came across a photograph of a pictograph panel referred to as The Sky Faces which I had never seen or heard of before. I love visiting all of ‘The Faces‘ pictograph panels in the Canyonlands Region so I definitely wanted to try and find these. It took me a few years to locate them, but I finally got it figured out earlier this year. Jared and I tried to hike to this panel during our annual October trip but were unable to get there via the route we had chosen, so I had to wait for another time to try. Yesterday, on an 18-mile round trip hike I was finally able to get to the panel. Climbing up to the pictographs was easier than I thought it would be, but I was unable to get onto the final ledge right in front of the pictographs since it required some climbing skills with massive exposure! Here is a photo of The Sky Faces in their precarious location. Look closely, they are there!

The Sky Faces

Since I was unable to get closer to the pictographs, below is a photo I took from across the way that is heavily cropped so you can get a closer look. Obviously, I was not carrying my heavy long lens with me on an 18-mile hike!

Sky Faces Closer

One more zoomed and cropped photo from the side.

Sky Faces