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Personal Micro-Blog

Some of you that have been following my adventures for a while probably know that I used to have my blog over at, which I abandoned almost two years ago. That blog consisted of anything I felt like blogging about, including my trip reports. When I switched over to ADVENTR.CO my main objective was to focus on just the trip reports which were the most popular posts on my blog. I think it has worked out well, but recently I have wanted to share some posts that aren’t trip reports and that I don’t feel would necessarily fit in with the rest of the site. I contemplated starting another blog for these posts, but really don’t want another blog to maintain for an occasional post. I have recently figured out a way to add this little micro-blog to the site that allows me to post unrelated posts that will only show up in the sidebar and not with the rest of the trip reports. I think it’s a good solution to this problem and am going to give it a try.