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Island in the Sky: Over the Edge

In November I decided it was time to finally finish hiking all of the ‘official trails’ in the Island in the Sky district of Canyonlands like I had done with The Needles last year. While I had hiked almost all of the trails on top of the mesa, I had not hiked any that went from the top down to the White Rim. It was a lot of fun hiking the remaining trails these last few weeks and I feel like I have a new appreciation for this district of Canyonlands National Park now. You can check out each Trip Report at the links below.


Over the Edge: Island in the Sky

On this first trip I concentrated on the trails that start from Grand View Point including the Murphy Trail Loop, Murphy Point Trail and Gooseberry Trail.

White Rim Morning


Island in the Sky: From West to East

On my second trip I hiked the Wilhite Trail and Lathrop Trail.

Edge of the World


Island in the Sky: Syncline Loop Trail

My third trip was just a day-hike of the Syncline Loop Trail.

Upheaval Dome Crater


Island in the Sky: Taylor Canyon & Upheaval Canyon

My fourth and final trip this past weekend included the Moses and Zeus Trail, Upheaval Canyon Trail and Alcove Spring Trail. Also, after driving the spur road up Taylor Canyon I have now driven every open road in all of Canyonlands National Park, too!

Zeus and Moses