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Altitude Sickness Sucks

Altitude sickness finally hit me for the first time last night! I had climbed an easy 13er yesterday during the day to help me get acclimated to climb two 14ers today (I was feeling great after that hike) and then setup camp at about 11,500 feet (which is lower than I’ve been camping the past month). I had a slight headache at first, which I attributed to slight dehydration and needing to eat dinner. I made sure to drink plenty of water and have some dinner, but it never went away. Then later I started feeling very nauseous. I laid down for a while hoping it would go away, but it never did. Since I was alone and was worried about things getting worse overnight, I quickly packed up camp and headed down around 8:00pm. As soon as I dropped below 10,000 feet I started feeling fine again, so I’m pretty confident it was altitude sickness and not something else. I sure hope this doesn’t happen again because I have a lot of mountains to climb this summer still!