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Woods Lake, Sunshine Mesa & Lizard Head Pass

Friday, July 7, 2023

Well, this weekend certainly did not go as I would have liked it to. I had planned to spend the entire weekend hiking new trails and summits in the Rico Mountains and Lizard Head Wilderness, like I’ve been doing for the past couple of years, but on Friday evening I started feeling pretty ill and ended up coming home very late that night and staying in for the rest of the weekend. I did make a couple short detours to hike and explore on my way to find a campsite Friday afternoon, so here are a couple of the photos I took along the way.

For some reason I thought I had been to Woods Lake a long time ago, but after trying to figure out when that was I realized that I must not have been there before, so I decided to stop by this afternoon and go for a short hike. Afterwards I ate my dinner and continued on towards Lizard Head Pass and the Rico Mountains.

The wind was blowing pretty hard when I arrived at Woods Lake, but the views were nice as I walked the trail along the shore.

Windy Woods Lake

Woods Lake

Boskoff Peak

Boskoff Peak

Woods Lake Trail

After following the San Miguel River through Ilium, I decided to follow a road up onto Sunshine Mesa since I had never been up there before, either.

This cabin was right next to the road near it’s end at the Wilson Mesa Trailhead.

Sunshine Mesa Cabin

The views across the valley to the Ophir Needles were pretty nice as I drove back down.

Ophir Needles

Looking to the north were the towering peaks of the Sneffels Range.

Sneffels Range

The late afternoon light was looking nice on the surrounding peaks as I drove over Lizard Head Pass, so I stopped for a couple photos.

Lizard Head Pass View

Peak View

Lake Fork Basin

This was my campsite view of the Rico Mountains shortly before sunset. I would end up leaving and heading back home in just a couple of hours…

Rico Mountains

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