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Packrafting the Colorado River: Fruita to Loma

Sunday, September 15, 2019 | Average CFS: 1,520

After spending Saturday morning in the mountains near Telluride, I decided to stay closer to home on Sunday so I could try out my brand new packraft on the Colorado River. I was originally planning on buying a new packraft over the winter so that I could take it on some trips that I am tentatively planning for the spring, but I ended up buying it a little early thanks to a Labor Day sale. I ended up picking up a Kokopelli Rogue-Lite since I don’t really plan on running any big rapids with it and wanted one that was pretty light since I’m going to need to carry it in my backpack on occasion. For my first time on the water with it I wanted to do something easy to see how it handles, so I decided to drive to Loma and then ride my bike back to the boat ramp at the Fruita Section of the James M Robb – Colorado River State Park. I would lock my bike up there and then float back to the Loma Boat Ramp where I would get back in my Jeep and then pick my bike back up on the way back home. It worked out well and I had a nice afternoon on the Colorado River!

At the beginning of my bike ride from Loma to Fruita I could see that the Loma Boat Ramp in the background was packed full of boats and people getting ready for the Ruby – Horsethief stretch of the river.

Leaving Loma

Which way should I go?

Colorado Riverfront Trail

I stopped to checkout the artwork on the walls of the tunnels under I-70 shortly before reaching the Fruita Section of the Colorado River State Park.

Art Under I-70

After making it to the boat ramp I got my packraft ready for its maiden voyage. Here’s a photo with my bike before I locked it up nearby. I know there are many people that carry their bikes on the front of their packrafts, but I have absolutely no desire to ever do that.

Fruita Boat Ramp

Ready to get on the Colorado River for a nice relaxing float.

Ready To Go

Here’s the only photo I took while I was on the water. While the packraft handled a lot differently from my Inflatable Kayak, it was fun to paddle around once I got the hang of it.

On The Water

I stopped at this rocky island on my way to Loma. When I reached the boat ramp at the end just about everyone was gone.

Rocky Island Stop

>> Packrafting from Fruita to Loma Photo Gallery


  1. Briony Coady
    Briony Coady April 24, 2024

    How long did it take to get to Loma from Fruita?

    • Randy Langstraat
      Randy Langstraat April 25, 2024

      Looking at the timestamps on my photos, it looks like it was less than two hours on the water.

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