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Westwater Mesa Loop

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Well, here it is! Our 65th and final trip report of the year and our very last hike of 2018. When we woke up on Sunday morning I had no plans scheduled for the day but I did know that I wanted to get out hiking at least one last time this year, so I looked at some maps and settled on the Westwater Mesa Loop Trail in the Utah Rims area just west of Rabbit Valley. Since it was pretty cold out this morning Diane and I waited until the the afternoon when it warmed up into the low 30’s to start our short drive to Utah and start hiking. After getting off the interstate at the Westwater exit and then following the Kokopelli Trail for a short distance we parked at the edge of Westwater Mesa and started hiking. This trail is about 7.5 miles in length and pretty much follows the rim of the mesa most of the way with views over Bitter Creek, Westwater Creek and the Colorado River. It was a nice local hike to end the year with. Here’s to a great 2019!

Beginning the Westwater Mesa Loop Trail.

Westwater Mesa Sign

The trail follows the rim of the mesa for most of the hike.

Following The Rim

Diane stops at an overlook of Bitter Creek.

Bitter Creek Overlook

The eastern edge of Westwater Mesa.

Westwater Mesa Rim

Diane hikes ahead of me was we follow the trail to the western rim of the mesa.

Hiking Ahead

During the second half of our hike some nice clouds moved into the sky from over the Book Cliffs as we hiked above Westwater Creek.

Westwater Mesa View

Westwater Creek

Hiking through a little gap in the sandstone.

Between Rocks

Following the trail back across the mesa to my Jeep on the other side.

Mesa Top Trail

>> Westwater Mesa Loop Photo Gallery


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  1. Robert Guthrie
    Robert Guthrie December 31, 2018

    Your are just tremendous Randy – really appreciate your sharing these adventures; thank you for your posts and all best to you and your family in the coming year.

    R Guthrie

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