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A Weekend in the Bears Ears

Friday – Sunday, October 26-28, 2018

This weekend I headed down to Cedar Mesa in Bears Ears National Monument after work on Friday where I met up with my friend Alan so we could go on one hike Saturday morning before he had to drive back up to Salt Lake City to catch a plane back to France. He had spent the last two weeks in the southwest and this was his last hike before heading back home. After we parted ways I spent the rest of the weekend hiking and searching for ruins and rock art on my own. The weather was pretty nice for hiking but there was a little more humidity than I would have preferred. I guess I should also mention that this is my 900th trip report here on! Enjoy these photos I took over the weekend!

On Saturday morning Alan and I hiked to a pair of kivas that were built right next to each other in a large alcove. One of the Twin Kivas still had most of the roof intact.

Twin Kiva

The roof on the other kiva was not in as good shape.

Twin Kivas

A look inside the kiva with the collapsed roof.

Inside The Kiva

Tafoni Swirls

Tafoni Swirls

Long Poles Ruin

Long Poles Ruin

A closer look at the construction of the roof from the inside.

Roof Construction

Beautiful light and textures in a small side canyon that I hiked through.

Cedar Mesa Canyon

The remains of two round granaries in an alcove.

Round Granaries Alcove

A closer look at the other granary.

Broken Granary

The water-carved floor of the canyon.


Hiking back out of this picturesque canyon.

Canyon Color

The Fortress of Cedar Mesa

Fortress of Cedar Mesa

Here’s a close look at the construction of the upper level wall seen in the photo above.

Upper Level Wall

The doorway at the opposite end.

End Door

The colors in this alcove were quite nice, too.

Colorful Alcove

An evening walk along the rim of a Cedar Mesa canyon.

An Evening Hike

A nice morning along Comb Ridge at sunrise.

Morning Along The Comb

Ute petroglyphs above the San Juan River.

Trick Riders

Someone on the mind?

Someone On The Mind

The fall colors along the San Juan River were looking pretty nice this morning.

San Juan River

I just love all of the interesting petroglyphs found in this area.

San Juan Petroglyphs

The Yucca Panel

The Yucca Panel

Grid Sheep Panel

Grid Sheep Panel

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  1. Cathy Getz
    Cathy Getz October 31, 2018

    900 posts! quite an accomplishment. I know I have missed a few, but so enjoy the ones I’ve seen.

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