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Searching for The Ancients on Veteran’s Day Weekend

Friday – Sunday, November 11-13, 2016

Alcove Granary
A nicely preserved granary tucked away inside a small alcove hidden in a canyon on Cedar Mesa.

Typically, Diane and I like to spend the long Thanksgiving weekend exploring Cedar Mesa and other parts of southeastern Utah, but this year we have made alternate plans for the Thanksgiving weekened down in New Mexico, so that was not going to happen. We decided to make up for that annual trip by heading down that way over the Veteran’s Day weekend instead. We left home early on Friday morning and spent a few days searching for ruins and rock art in southeast Utah. The weather was great for hiking with temperatures in the 60’s during the day and clear blue skies.

This amazing petroglyph panel on a large boulder that resembles an arrowhead was a highlight of the weekend.

Arrowhead Panel

A closer look at some of the petroglyphs.


The Champion

This is an interesting granary built on top of a large boulder in the middle of a shallow alcove.

Island Granary

Diane found these two petroglyphs nearby.


We returned to this shelter that contains a large panel of red pictographs.

Red Shelter

Flute Player

Honeycomb Granary

Honeycomb Granary

A white flute player watches over the foundation of an old structure.

The Guardian

Diane exploring a Cedar Mesa canyon.

Cedar Mesa Exploring

There were a number of small granaries in this area.

Broken Down Ruin

Thin Ruin


I liked the stripes on this wall that we found while searching for rock art.

Striped Wall

Wood Front


Hiking further down the canyon…

Cedar Mesa Hiker

This was an interesting structure that was built out of wood mostly.

Wooden Ruin

Double Stack Ruins

Double Stack

A couple red pictographs.

Red Pictographs

Crude Pictograph

This was one of the nicest granaries we would see all weekend. The light in the alcove was pretty nice, too.

Diamond Door

Hiking in the shadows of the canyon in November.

Canyon Bottom

Check out the large petroglyph panel on top of the very large boulder located in the middle of the wash (Diane stands below for scale). I climbed up out of the canyon bottom a little ways to get this view from above. Imagine how many people walk right past this boulder without even realizing those petroglyphs are up there?

Boulder Top

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