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Flash Floods & Fall Colors

Southern Utah Wanderings 2015
Monday, October 5, 2015

After a night filled with thunderstorms, I woke up shortly after sunrise on Monday morning to more rain! While I stayed in my tent waiting for a break in the rain, I realized that the rainfly on my tent cot was no longer waterproof. Water had leaked in on both sides of the tent and got a few things wet inside. It looks like I’m going to have to do something about that before using this tent in the rain again. Laying in my tent I was able to hear the sound of rushing water coming from the nearby wash and I could tell that it was flash flooding. As soon as Jared was out of his tent we hopped into my Jeep and went to check out the flash flooding nearby. While many of the drainages around us were flowing, the wash that flows through Horse Canyon was flooding pretty good.

A flash flood through Horse Canyon.

Horse Canyon Flood

A brief clearing in the clouds along the Burr Trail next to a flooding wash.

Burr Trail Clearing

After checking out the flooding washes we returned to camp and quickly packed up since it looked like another storm was moving into the area. It’s a good thing we did, because it started pouring rain again as we drove through Long Canyon on our way back to Boulder. Driving through this canyon in the rain was a wonderful experience with waterfalls flowing over the cliffs everywhere!

It was difficult to get many photos of the waterfalls since it was raining pretty hard, but I managed to get this one showing two of the waterfalls along the road.

Long Canyon Waterfalls

Another view of a wet Long Canyon from the road above The Gulch as the rain started to slow.

Long Canyon Rain

Unfortunately, I had not been feeling the greatest all weekend and was feeling even worse this morning. When we arrived in Boulder I decided it would be best if I cut the trip short and headed back home to try and get better. It turned out to be a good call since I didn’t feel well the rest of the week, either. Even though I wasn’t feeling too great on my drive back home, I still managed to pull over for a few photos of the fall colors in the fog on Boulder Mountain.

The Fog

Boulder Mountain Colors

Foggy Color


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