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Montezuma Canyon and the Doll House

Monday, October 7, 2013

After spending the last two nights up in the San Juan Mountains, it was nice to spend a warmer night camping in the desert. I decided to skip sunrise this morning and sleep in a little bit. After breakfast, Marty and I wandered to some nearby rock art sites to take a few photos.

This is one of my favorite petroglyph panels in the area.

Duckhead Men

A couple historic horse petroglyphs.


After packing up camp we visited a few more sites in Montezuma Canyon before climbing out via the Deadman Canyon Road up onto Alkali Ridge. We then made our way over to Blanding to get some fuel for the Jeeps and some lunch. Over lunch we decided where to go for the rest of the day. It had been a few years since I’d been to the Doll House and Marty had yet to make it there, so we decided to head that direction.

Some fall colors and wispy clouds as we drive up through the Bears Ears onto Elk Ridge.

Bears Ear

Marty in his Grand Cherokee up on Elk Ridge.


There were some nice fall colors to be found on Elk Ridge this time of year.

Roadside Color

It’s been a few years since I was last at the Doll House. Actually, the last time I was here I was still shooting with my very first DSLR, a Canon XSi.

Doll House

Great setting for this beautifully preserved ruin.


After spending some time at this amazing ruin, we decided to make our way over to Wild Cow Point so we could hike down into Fable Valley the following morning.

More fall colors on our way back across Elk Ridge.

Elk Ridge Color



The view from the Arch Canyon Overlook in the afternoon. Besides Arch Canyon you can see Comb Ridge and Sleeping Ute Mountain in the distance.

Arch Canyon Overlook

The Abajo Mountains from the Big Notch.

Big Notch View

Evening light on the sandstone formations in Beef Basin

Evening Sandstone

Some more fall colors over Beef Basin as we descend down from North Long Point to the Dark Canyon Plateau.

Beef Basin

After setting up our camp on Wild Cow Point and having a little dinner, we spent a little time taking some night shots around camp before turning in for the night.

Night Camp

Camp Under the Stars


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