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Flat Tops Trail

Fall Colors 2010
Saturday, September 25, 2010

On Saturday morning Amanda and I headed to Meeker for our annual Fall Colors trip. This year we would be checking out the Flat Tops Trail Scenic Byway. This road is about 80 miles in length and connects the towns of Meeker and Yampa. Both ends are paved for a number of miles and the section in the middle is a well-maintained gravel road…..but we weren’t here for a challenge, we were here to check out the scenery. I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of fall colors along this route, but luckily we were able to find some nice colors along the way.

Starting to see some colors as we climb into the Flat Tops.

Our first destination off of the main route was the side trip that would take us to Trappers Lake. There weren’t many colors to be found here because of the Big Fish wildfire that burned 17,056 acres back in 2002.

A few photos from our hike along Trappers Lake.

Colorful drive on our way back to the Flat Tops Trail

I stopped in a colorful grove of aspens for a few photos.

Then made another stop at Lynx Creek for some more photos and some lunch

Back to the main trail.

Looking back over the road we just came from, as we started climbing to Ripple Creek Pass

Then another stop at a grove of aspens…

Amanda wanted to drive for a little bit, so while she was driving, I got to play with my camera in the passenger seat…

Aspens again. I did this a few times throughout the day 😉

When we reached Yampa we hopped on another side road that would take us to Burns, and then back to the interstate via the Colorado River Road.

Along the Sunnyside Road

Derby Mesa Loop

We covered a lot of miles, but still managed to make it home at a decent time after stopping in Glenwood Springs for some dinner. Another great day exploring a new area 🙂

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