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White Wash

Sunday, November 29, 2009

After a good nights sleep we left Green River and made our way to the White Wash Sand Dunes via the Ruby Ranch Road. When we reached White Wash, we followed the sandy wash around the dunes in the area. Then Amanda took over driving and drove over a few small dunes along the wash.

White Wash

Wide well traveled wash



After playing around in the sand, we continued on past Red Wash and arrived back at the Tenmile Point Road. From there we made our way to the Dubinky Well Road again and cut across Deadman Mesa to reach Spring Canyon Bottom.

My original goal was to finish the Hey Joe Canyon trail, however when we reached Spring Canyon Bottom, there was a slow moving Jeep heading down the trail and I was feeling impatient. Instead, we took a left at the intersection and followed around the Bowknot Bend of the Green River the other direction. It was a little narrow and washed out in places, but still very drivable.




After heading back from the Bowknot Bend, we made our way to Moab to have some lunch at the Moab Brewery. From there we headed home across the Dolores Triangle where Amanda was excited to drive my Jeep across the Dolores River.

It was a nice relaxing weekend after Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

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